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Hi, I’m Shelly. Previously a Molecular Geneticist, I became a full-time mother and farmer in 2010. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and animals, I love indulging my fascination with genetics, sustainability, and living a self sufficient life!
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Our Business

We raise a few select species of animals that are perfectly suited to homesteading lifestyles.  Our free range chickens produce china blue eggs entirely from feed spilled by our other animals.  Our quail produce prodigious numbers of eggs from a cup of food a day.  Our rabbits convert hay, oats, and pellets into wonderful meat and adorable pets.  We also make handmade goat milk soap and other natural soaps for sensitive skin.   We grow delicious mushrooms on wood pellets and our bees produce amazing honey from the forests and fields in the pristine Amish area of Daisy Valley, MN.

We make available the fruits of our labor!  We sell the cutest lionhead bunnies for pets.  We select for easy care loin heads with friendly outgoing personalities, that will bring joy to your family.

We sell selected New Zealand bunnies from our litters.  We select our animals using a scientific selection method wherein we track weights of individuals in each litter and base selection on rate of gain, selling only those animals in the top 25-50% of rate of gain.

We make handmade soaps from natural products such as lard and goats milk.  Organic oils are featured, and only colored and scented with real essential oils and natural colorant additives such as fine clay.

Our mushroom kits allow you to grow the freshest mushrooms right in your own kitchen.  Kids love the fascinating spectacle of mushrooms fruiting.

Our quail and chickens produce the freshest eggs right from your own yard or garden.  

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