Rhubarb Plant-Quart Pot


Hardy rhubarb plant (potted). This 100+ year old heritage variety grows huge succulent leaves and can be harvested all summer, and will survive the winter in zone 3-8. Select delivery route at checkout.  Enter coupon code “CASH” to pay cash at pickup.

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Seedlings from hardy plants from an over 100 year old variety. This variety grows huge succulent leaves which can be harvested to feed your rabbits all summer, and will survive the winter in any zone. Harvest in early summer for a tasty treat! Zone 3-8. Thrives in pots, any soil, and amount of sun. Great companion plant for potatoes as it has similar culture requirements and has properties of insect repellent and fungal resistant.  Schedule Your Deliver HERE.

Features: This “PIE” plant is a nice way to add zing to your recipes. Beautiful in any garden. Roots fully develop over 3-years. Great addition to any garden.

  • Full sun to partial shade, 3 ft. H, 2 ft. W
  • Plant is a heavy feeder. Mulch heavily with fertilizer in fall.
  • Wonderful addition to your kitchen garden is an easy, hardy plant that loves to grow
  • Strong healthy product
  • Beautiful addition to any garden
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