3-4 Frame Micro-Nuc with 2023 Mated Queen


3-4 Frame micro-nuc, 2023 proven queen, reusable nuc mating box included. Select delivery route at checkout.  Enter coupon code “CASH” to pay cash at pickup.

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Strong summer mated queen comes with 3-4 micro-frames bees and brood, 1 feeder.  This unit comes with a strong well-mated post-solstice queen, a proven producer.  Comes with a micro-nuc mating box you can keep!  Mite treatments done, ready for treatment again second week in August.   Ready to go into a 5 frame nuc and prep of winter or perfect for re-queening your strong hive. Just pull the bottom out and place over the vent hole of your queenless hive and your new queen will be gradually introduced.


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