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ISA Brown Year Old Hens


ISA Brown year old hens, one year remaining of good level of lay. (~75% production).  Select FREE ROOSTER if you would like a free Buff Rooster added to your order.  These roosters allow you to hatch your own eggs and use the chick color to sex select your newly hatched chicks.  The female chicks will be buff like dad and the boys will be red like moms.  Select Delivery Route.

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Available now!  We have a few over 1 year old ISA Brown hens, just started to lay their second year of eggs and some are still in the process of molting.  These wonderful healthy birds are pasture trained and available for immediate delivery and are perfect for the backyard egg producer.  These recharged ladies are ready to lay for you for one more year.  Raised on 100% Organic Amish raised natural feed.  Special price now.  Please select delivery route that works best for you!

Year old – ISA Brown Chickens

Looking to start or expand your backyard flock? We have a limited number of high-quality experienced hens available for sale. These hens are pure hybrid ISA Browns, a renowned breed known for their exceptional egg-laying abilities and friendly temperament.  Great low cost option for testing your chicken skills and infrastructure!  Get started fast with the very large dark brown eggs laid by these experienced ladies.  These friendly gals that will follow you around the yard and garden controlling pests and aerating the soil surface in their search for natural snacks, converting weeds, bugs, and worms into delicious pastured eggs.  They can also be offered a complete layer ration to entice them into their night time enclosure and supplement their diet, although they greatly prefer natural foods.  If your new to chickens, these gals are a great way to experience the learning curve of chicken care.  They can also be fattened for the stew pot and butchered in the fall after they stop laying and will gain valuable flavor for soups and stews.

Key Features:

  • Age: These pullets are refreshed layers, 16 or 19 months old. They should producing eggs at least until fall.
  • Egg Production: ISA Brown chickens are highly regarded for their remarkable egg-laying capacity. On average, they lay approximately 300 to 350 brown eggs per year, making them an excellent choice for both personal and commercial egg production.
  • Docile and Friendly: ISA Browns are known for their calm and friendly nature, making them suitable for families and beginners alike.
  • Excellent Health and Vigor: Our hens are carefully raised and well-nurtured to ensure they are in optimal health and have a strong finish for their egg-laying journey.
  • Mated to a Buff Orpingtons or Americana Rooster for fertile eggs.  After your purchase you can hatch the eggs they lay for about the first two weeks.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Price: $5 per hen (bulk discounts available for larger orders)
  • Availability: Limited number of hens available. Reserve your hens now to secure your order.

Contact Information: To inquire about availability, pricing, or to place an order, please visit Farm-Store.org or text (507)306-3929. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add high-quality ISA Brown hens to your flock!

About The Versatile ISA Brown Chicken: A Productive Addition to Your Flock

Introduction: When it comes to raising chickens, the ISA Brown breed stands out as a top choice for many poultry enthusiasts. These chickens are recognized for their exceptional egg-laying capabilities, friendly temperament, and overall versatility. Whether you’re a backyard hobbyist or a commercial farmer, adding ISA Brown pullets to your flock can be a rewarding experience.

Egg-Laying Prowess: One of the primary reasons why ISA Browns are highly sought after is their impressive egg production. These birds have been selectively bred for their ability to lay large quantities of high-quality eggs. On average, an ISA Brown hen can produce between 300 to 350 brown eggs per year, which equates to roughly six eggs per week. This outstanding productivity makes them ideal for those who are interested in egg production for personal use or small-scale commercial ventures.

Early Maturity and Consistency: ISA Brown pullets reach the point of lay relatively quickly, usually between 16 to 20 weeks of age. This means that within just a few months, you can start enjoying a regular supply of delicious, farm-fresh eggs. Additionally, these hens maintain their excellent egg-laying capacity consistently throughout their productive years.

Docile Nature and Easy Handling: ISA Browns are known for their docile and friendly temperament, making them a popular choice among families and beginners. These chickens are easy to handle, making the overall care and management of your flock a breeze. Their calm nature also enables them to integrate well with other chicken breeds, promoting a harmonious and peaceful coop environment.

Health and Vigor: When selecting ISA Brown pullets, it’s essential to choose birds from reputable breeders who prioritize their health and welfare. Well-nurtured pullets will exhibit excellent vigor, ensuring a strong start to their egg-laying journey. By providing them with proper nutrition, adequate space, and a clean living environment, you can help maintain their overall health and maximize their egg production potential.

Conclusion: If you’re in the market for highly productive, friendly, and versatile chickens, ISA Brown pullets are an excellent choice. Their exceptional egg production, efficiency, and friendly manageable demeanor make them a guaranteed winner!


1 – 10 at $20 each-Hens Only, 1 – 10 at $20 each-Free Buff Rooster


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