Mystical Springs

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Look to nature, and you will understand.

Live Animals

We sell many species of animals that are great for homestead production, New Zealand Rabbits, Lionhead Rabbits and Guinea pigs for pets, honeybees and queens, quail for eggs, and more!

Animal Products

Our animals produce many wonderful products, from quail eggs to marvelous raw natural honey.

Plants and Crafts

From our healthy, sturdy plants for your yard and garden, to our 100% natural handmade soaps, you will find amazing things here.

Cages and Supplies

We have new custom designed quail laying cages and a large selection of used equipment and supplies for rabbits and bees.

Where we are located:

Upcoming delivery schedule by location: Text your order for faster service to (507) 306-3929.

Why Choose Us


Buying supports local farmers and producers


All products made with local or sustainable ingredients


100% Natural Chemical Free


We can deliver to your local area

About Our Company

Hi, I’m Shelly. Previously a Molecular Geneticist, I became a full-time mother and farmer in 2010. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and animals, I love indulging my fascination with genetics, sustainability, and living a self sufficient life! 

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