Grow Morels

Grow your own Morels

Spore Isolation

Spores are collected from a fresh Morel mushroom.  Spores drop onto a low nutrition agar media.

Fresh spore cultures are seasonal.


Dry Spore Packs

Spores are collected from a fresh Morel mushroom.  Many vendors sell Morel spore packs, either in sand, sawdust, or perlite.  This may be great, or it may be a scam.  With this method your taking your chances on the ethics of the seller.  These kits contain nothing you can see.

Dry spore packs are available any time.


Cultured Strains

Spores germinate and mate with other spores.  Mated strains grow with vigor and can be sub-cultured from the plate.  Several new strains can be isolated from each plate.

From $50

Cultured Tissue

Tissue cultured from a mature mushroom can be grown out to use for inoculation.  These are proven to fruit, but are limited by being older and closer to death.

From $25

Colonized Grain-Novel Strains

Once a strain is isolated or expanded, it can be transferred to sterile grains and multiplied.  New strains are untested and unique.  They are ready to inoculate sawdust or directly onto soil.

From $25

Colonized Grain-Cloned Strains

A second way of growing morels is to subculture tissue from a mushroom base, effectively cloning the mushroom.  I do this both for new wild mushrooms and my best producing strains in captivity. 

From $25

How to grow Morels:

Why Grow Morels

You can find them as you know right were they are, close to home.  No need to ask permission, search for hours, and possibly have someone else beat you to them!

Of course its more expensive and time consuming to grow your own, it’s more for people who enjoy a challenge!

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